Monday, January 17, 2011

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Major headache! Office airconditioning is killing me!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bring Me Flowers...

Bring me flowers and talk for hours. Oohhh I like how you make me feel..:)


Twitter is over capacity..:(


Okay..(inhale-exhale)..So was I just caught by the moment or was it something I knew was coming?

Naniniwala ba kayo na there is a right time for everything? That kapag oras na, whether we're ready or not, we like it or not - it will happen. Personally, oo I believe this. May tamang oras sa bawat bagay. Pero tayo ang may hawak ng oras na yan. Hindi ito galing sa iba, or hindi maididikta ng kung sino man. Only God knows before us, and when He knows we're ready, everyhting just falls into place. Lahat ng ikilos at desisiyon natin, papunta sa plan niya.

So, eto na ba ang tamang oras? Are you saying that I am ready? LOL Hindi pa ata. But I get the message, you want me to DECIDE. Pero sa totoo lang, "that" will not influence my decision. I knew it will happen. I guess I was looking for a validation. It gave me butterflies and smiles but I am still not taking the next step. Okay okay. Don't get me wrong. I am not playing around. I am not wasting time. I am actually LIVING and ENJOYING my time. I will stick to what I always say, I have other priorities andit requires a lot of my time. I woUld know when I am ready and have extra time. For now, i am thankful to everyone who are willing to join me LIVING and ENJOYING.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

New DO! :)

Aside from getting a new do, I'm thinking of having my hair colored. WELL, thinking lang naman. Let me just share, I've tried these Salons and they're really good especially with short cuts: H Salon and Basement Salon. Right now, Piandre South maintains my hair. Kuya Erwin. May kamahalang nagaganap pero alam miya na kasi bagsay sakin.

I want to try South Salon, ok ba dun? My take kasi with Salons, you can return and demand them to fix it and they experiment if necessary. With old school salons, they're bxed, tipong panahon pa ng mom ko or eldest sister namin. Whether it's a Salon or regular Parlor it all boils down to having a good hairstylist and maintaining a good relationship with them.

O cia, send me your suggestions folks :)